Flashband is a musician networking organization. They bring players together through events and a unique musician profile website.


Storytelling, Social Media, Marketing, Community Outreach, Photography, Graphic Design, UX Design

MUsic makers

Flashband wanted to expand from Washington, DC into Baltimore. They were looking for ways to reach out to the musician community in the area. There were no Flashband members in Baltimore, so we were working from the ground up. I hatched and executed a documentary photography project of Baltimore’s most well-loved musicians to build trust and spread the word about the benefits of the Flashband community. They gained 150+ members in a few months.


A chunk of my work for Flashband was graphic design for social, flyers, ads, and posters to inspire musicians to get involved in the community and come to events.


I did photography of Flashband events to capture the incredible energy of the musicians as they played and grew into a community.


Graphics I made to showcase Flashband events and build their online presence. Under my management, their social media following increased by 30% in one year.