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La Moda



La Moda is a mobile fashion community for women travelers.


Ideation, UX Design, Visual Design, Web Development


What to wear?

Women who travel abroad want to avoid street harassment. In some areas of the world, knowledge is scarce about what's considered appropriate attire for women, especially in non-Westernized countries. What to wear? We need a mobile fashion community for women travelers. I created a mobile app to serve these women, and designed and coded a landing page for it.

My role

My role was to discover and research user needs, design the information architecture, sketch, wireframe, prototype the screens, design the visuals, and code everything. 


In the beginning

La Moda began in a brainstorming session about travel pain points, and women's safety came up as a topic. 

I decided to dig into the issue. I spoke with several women who travel frequently. They expressed that they often feel uncomfortable when they are not dressed according to local conventions. Sometimes they are harassed and feel unsafe. They lack information about what is appropriate. This was the problem I decided to solve.


Come together

I sketched out a storyboard of a woman who might use the app. I spoke with more potential users who said they prefer to get their information from other women, rather than through objective sources. I changed my source of information accordingly. I wanted women to have a way to learn from each other through the app. Crowdsourcing became the new plan.

I christened the app La Moda, which means "style" in Spanish.


Scoping it out

Narrowing the focus of the app was the next task. I had some features that were confusing to users, such as clicking on body regions to learn about specific problem areas. I moved forward with a new layout. 

I began to sketch wireframes that took my findings into account. Women would contribute their own photos and text to the app, and create a community of users. The wireframes became more refined.


Testing, testing, 1 2 3...

I received feedback that there were too many screens to get to the heart of the app. I revamped the photos page to emphasize the images above other types of information in the hierarchy.

I simplified the process of finding locations. There would now be a search box with autocomplete, as well as a zoomable globe.

The first prototype was completed on Marvel, linked here (see below).


Here's looking at you, kid

I began with a mood board and style tile featuring the colors of exotic spices, groups of fabric textures, and a variety of skin tones. 


The first iteration of visuals focused on a photograph of fabric rolls. It was light on context, however, and many people thought it was a site for fabrics. I re-designed the content, and added context through text and images. 


La fin

Actually building the site from scratch was a big challenge, since I had minimal prior exposure to coding languages. It was exciting to create something from nothing, however, and the finished product was close to my design. See it here on GitHub:

This is the final iteration of the landing page.


Live and learn

  • I can do it if I think I can.

  • Coding is a language. It can be learned.

  • Polish over and over. But make sure to take a step back every once in a while.

  • It doesn't matter how good or bad it looks if people just aren't getting the message.