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TBD Immersive



TBD Immersive is an experience design company. They create art that blurs the line between audience and performer.

MY Roles:

Costume Design, Photography

I was asked to design costumes for Cabaret Rising, a show put on by TBD Immersive, an avant-garde immersive theatre troupe based in the DC area. The challenge was costuming 50+ performers with a wide variety of characters, but all with a dark, underworld vibe. I worked with each performer to think through their character’s personality, and work through what was needed, what we could afford, and what we could source from their own closet or the costume closets of other theatre groups.


“Deborah Lash’s stellar costumes add to [the] illusion. The performers are decked out in their finest retro-trash chic. Dakota Schuck’s dumpster-diving pawnbroker sports a scruffy beard and a brown leather duster, while Alexander Burnett’s cabaret queen glitters in rhinestones, faux fur, and a pink wig. The characters’ cobbled-together look is just the kind of dirty, pretty improvisation that a group of thespians seeking political asylum would wear.”

– DC Metro Theater Arts, Feb. 11, 2018

“The costumes evince a steampunk aesthetic that’s equal parts KitKatClub and Blade Runner.”

– Washington City Paper, Feb. 18, 2018

“The variety of costumes and decor was both impressive and fascinating: Some actors donned a hipster look similar to a Palo Alto techie, some were dressed in all-black punk-rock aesthetic and others looked like Harley Quinn’s futuristic minions.”

– The Hoya, Feb. 16, 2018